Who will see an increase of 300 euros in the next few days?

By | May 8, 2023

According to EFKA sources, they finally “unblocked” the procedures for the payment of pensioners who have to receive increases in their pension due to the parallel insurance: The amounts are gradually granted to the beneficiaries and in fact a few days ago the files pending for about 3,000 were “closed” from them. Another “group” of almost 8,000 beneficiaries follows. In addition to the increases, some that have been waiting even since 2016, it is estimated that they will receive retroactively, which will reach 30,000 euros.

Vangelis Durakis writes

According to the schedule, the amounts will be progressively paid to the beneficiaries until the end of summer, Amounts owed vary on average at levels of 300 euros monthly, according to enikonomia.gr. Because long wait the retrospective package will be the largest ever delivered by EFKA in recent years.

The payment process is in progress.

So, after 7 years of waiting, that is, 83 months, the payment process of the increments to pensioners with parallel insurance.

HE EFKA activated the corresponding software and after carrying out the necessary verifications, the allocation of quotas began in an automated process.

In particular for parallel insurance cases, the necessary software is already fully operational, so it cannot be ruled out that the process “runs” faster than expected.

For those who “unfrozen” the payment of surcharges.

These pending applications do not exceed 15,000 while their payment has already been “unfrozen”, since nearly 4,000 pensioners have been paid and they are the ones who recently submitted their applications: These are the ones who “asked” to retire from May 13 to June 30, 2022.

By the end of this month or the beginning of next, It is estimated that the stock of parallel applications for pending pensions will also be eliminated for engineers, legal and health professionals.

These are the increases in the pensions of the insured who contributed to two Funds, most of whom have received their first pension since May 2016.

The policyholders in question contributed to two Funds at the same time which from 2017 can be used on the one hand to achieve an increase in pensionable income and a larger pension and, on the other hand, the parallel insurance time from 2017 can be used to increase the insurance time for retirement , which means that the compensatory pension will be calculated with a higher replacement factor.

These pensioners belong in two main categories. The first group includes former IKA policyholders with parallel insurance in the former OAEE. In the second, self-employed doctors and engineers (insurance in the old ETAA) with parallel insurance in the State.

These pensioners have received their first pension from the old IKA or the old ETAA respectively, but they have not received the pension increase of the former OAEE and the State.

It is noted that pensioners with parallel insurance time in two or more Funds are entitled to the largest retroactive package given in recent years, since the quotas for pension increases start from 2017 and up to now reach 6 years.

Who have minimum waiting time

Otherwise, those who applied for a parallel pension from July 1, 2022 onwardsthanks to the new software that works the e-EFKA since then, they have minimal wait time.

For example:

Insured for 40 yearsof which the 25th in parallel in two Funds, with a pensionable salary of at least 1,500 euros, is entitled to two compensatory pensions at the rates of 40 years and 25 years of insurance or a compensatory pension for 40 years and a pension supplement for 25 years of parallel insurance. With replacement rates, 40 years give a compensatory pension equal to 50.01% of pensionable income and 25 years equal to 20.68% of income.

With two compensatory pensions, the insured will receive 750 euros for 40 years and together with the 384 euros of the national pension it will reach 1,134 euros, while with the second 25-year compensatory pension you will get another 310 euros (without the second national pension). In total, he will receive a pension of 1,444 euros.

but if he asks take the 25 years of parallel insurance as a pension supplement with a rate of 0.075% for your additional contributions over the years, on income, the amount that comes out is 562.5 euros plus the pension (0.075X0.20X25X1500=562.5) and in total you will have 1,696, 5 euros.

It should be noted that the years of insurance in two professions after 2017 do not have an increase, but the amount of the compensatory pension increases.

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