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By | May 18, 2023

The new, “smart” worth for money your electricity program voltonBanish Forever the Forgotten Water Heater Panic

I will never forget that “carefree” weekend when I went on a trip to the country house with my friends. And not because I had a great time, but because it was the most stressful 48 hours of my life, since the following question was constantly on my mind: “Did I turn off the water heater before leaving the house? Any chance of it exploding? How much will electricity cost?

Since then I have noticed how often this happens to me, but also how common it is to all of us! Whether we are talking about someone who runs every morning to get ready for work, whether we are talking about families who experience a small “circus” every morning, or about grown people who have trouble remembering small details.

So, I am very happy to tell you that I have found the best solution to never have to worry about the water heater again, with the help of Volton. Specifically, through its new Volton Energy Control programme, it offers each new customer a smart device where allows you to control the water heater of wherever i amthrough one Easy to use application. And she gives away the installation of her!

How does the process work?

HE voltonthrough this news smart home deviceWhat is one digital technology product, allows us to turn the water heater on and off wherever we are, in the office, the gym, even on vacation. Because it doesn’t manage itself local from the dashboard button, but also remotelythrough modern app, with which we can adjust the operation of the water heater, through the screen of our mobile, tablet or computer, easily and quickly. In addition, the device comes with a safety relaywhich is placed with it in the electrical panel.

Activation takes place immediately, with simple steps. All we have to do is download it. application on our mobile -is available on iOS and Android software- and let’s do it register us by completing the necessary information, according to the instructions found in the manual that came with the device.

And why is it financially beneficial?

Because with the help of this device, we can reduce annual electricity consumption by up to 40% due to the use of the water heater -Where is it too? The appliance that consumes the most energy in the home and thus, contribute to energy savings, but also to a better management of our finances. In addition, Volton provides free his device installation, taking charge of looking for the electrician, making the appointment as well as all the expenses of the process. After calling us first for a data identification, she herself makes the appointment with the electrician based on our availability, in just 7 days!

What sets the program apart volton Energy Control;

The best part, of course, I haven’t told you yet, because these are all gifts that every new Volton customer receives with the program. Volton Power Controlhe further elegant and value for money market selection right now. Through the new program, it offers a price 0.099 euros per kilowatt-hour to its private or professional clients, a price that we do not see from the summer of 2022 until today. In fact, it is included in this price. 25% consistency discount for paying the bill on timeWhat makes the proposal concrete? the most economical that currently exists on the Greek market. At the same time, we can also benefit from Government subsidy, still paying lower final amount.

As for who gets to enjoy Volton Energy Control, the answer is both homesas well as all professionals and the small and medium businesses with power of energy as 25kVTOwho can see a significant reduction in their business expenses.

Real customized solutions based on our needs

Beyond more economical and lower electricity billit is important to emphasize that the volton, The 100% Greek company, which since 2016 has marked an impressive development path, is changing the data in the electricity supply and trading market, through the innovative products and services of its portfolio. It works with the objective of providing real and smart solutions for the reduction of energy consumption, in our measures, constantly listening to the needs and concerns of consumers, with the aim of developing a long-term relationship of mutual trust with them.

This is also shown by the program. Volton Power Controlsince we can reduce electricity costs and better manage the electricity we consume, without suppressing our needs, but also protecting the environment. Because now, we are all called to make decisions that have positive impact in the management of energy resources.

Find out more about the program today with a “click” on volton.gr, a visit to one store of Volton or by calling 11300.

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