Workers are now union supporters after Tory turmoil, says Baillie

The deputy leader of Scottish Labor has said that the Tories being the “party of the union” is a “farce” after the recent turmoil in Westminster.

Prime Minister Liz Truss announced on Thursday that she would step down after a tumultuous moment in Downing Street, which included the pound falling to its lowest rate against the dollar after Mrs Truss’s then chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, Describe your financial vision.

The announcement triggered a truncated week-long leadership race that will see the third prime minister in three months next Friday.

Recent polls predict a catastrophic outcome for the Conservatives in the next election, with pressure mounting from all sides for a new vote.

Polling expert Professor Sir John Curtice told the BBC on Thursday that Labor could win a majority of up to 200 seats if the poll results were confirmed.

“It is clear to all that the chaotic, chaotic Tory Government is dead in the water,” said Jackie Baillie.

“Every hour this zombie government remains in office it damages the union and the lives of the British people.

“It is nothing short of shameless that the characterless (Scottish Conservative leader) Douglas Ross cannot find the courage to break ranks with this disastrous Government.

“The idea that the Conservatives are the union party is a farce.”

He added: “Polls show that only Labor will take votes from the SNP and defend the union, while the Tories face electoral oblivion.

“If you care about the future of the people of Britain and the future of our country, then it’s time to support Labour.”

Responding to Ms Baillie, Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy said: “Jackie Baillie has conveniently forgotten that her party negotiated a coalition deal to keep the SNP in power in Dumfries and Galloway Council just a few days ago. months, something no Scottish Conservative would ever do.

“No matter what they say, Labor simply cannot be trusted in the Union. They have proven time and time again that they will make secret deals with the SNP when it suits them.

“And Jackie Baillie herself used her speech from this year’s conference to denounce the Better Together movement that stopped the SNP from dividing our country.

“This shows that Labor is more interested in attacking other pro-UK parties than taking on Nicola Sturgeon and his SNP government.”

SNP MSP Paul McLennan said the Conservatives and Labor were “perfect bedfellows as the height of their ambition is to take votes away from each other”, adding: “Labour’s priority is and always will be to continue to advocate for Westminster’s control over the people of Scotland”. , which, as the Scottish Government’s independence documents show, is holding Scotland back compared to our European neighbours.

“In all the seats held by the Conservatives in Scotland, the SNP is the party in second place, not Labour. So to kick the Tories out of Scotland, there has to be a vote for the SNP.

“Even if Labor came to power in Westminster it would be more or less the same for the people of Scotland as they are now a party that supports Brexit, they are as right-wing as the Tories on immigration and they have no respect for Scottish democracy. . right to choose.”

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